Now I'm on the road to Namibia and South Africa for flying. I go to the Mount Everest of free flight. I think Namibia that the greatest and the best what it is in the world for Hanggliding-Pilots. This is certainly very hard there, because in the desert at bottom it is 40-42 degrees celsius and have cold at high altitude at about 5500 meters above sea level, of course and Oxygen is needed. This is a hot spot with very hard thermals, very challenging also for record flights and it is very interesting to fly over the desert. I think there I can make some long distance flights and good photos of the different landscape from above. Then I go for a few days to Cape Town. There I will fly if possible, in Porterville on Dasklip Pass and over the famous Table Mountain. There in Cape Town, the landing site is located next to the Green Point Stadium. Perhaps even gets to De Aar. It will be a returning to southern africa for me, because in earlier times (in the years 1974/75) I had worked there for two years. There then began my air sports activities with skydiving near Johannesburg. Since then I have not been back on the Cap. I'm curious what will happen to me.